How To Find Prostate

Want to know how to find the prostate but aren’t sure where to start? Don’t bother with hefty anatomy tomes and confusing diagrams. Far from a daunting task, finding the prostate should be an enjoyable experience that ends with a quite a bang! Grab your partner or fly solo as you follow these easy steps.

To find the prostate you will need:

  • Time
  • Patience
  • Lots of lubricant
  1. Be prepared. To find the prostate, a little probing is required. Decide whether this will be a solo mission or a shared experience. Take a shower first to feel more comfortable. Grab some lubricant and a towel. Trim and file your nails or those of your partner to avoid injuring the delicate areas surrounding the prostate. Slip on a medical glove or even a condom, if you prefer.
  2. Get Comfortable. Some positions make it easier to find the prostate than others. Rest flat on your back with knees pulled against your chest or lay on your side in a semi-fetal position. Feel free to experiment until you find the right position!

  3. Get excited. Sexual arousal causes the prostate to swell. Since the goal is to find the prostate, taking the time to get hot and bothered makes the entire process that much simpler. A relaxed state of arousal makes probing much more comfortable and enjoyable too.

  4. Take it Slow. There’s no need to rush when trying to find the prostate. Use a well lubricated finger to gently circle and massage the anus. Slowly insert the finger and stop at any discomfort. Don’t be afraid to communicate with your partner if she’s the one doing the probing. Continued sexual stimulation by your partner—if she’s helping—will relax the clenched muscles causing discomfort.

  5. Get a feel for it. To find the prostate, turn the inserted finger up toward the stomach. With a gentle “come here” motion, carefully feel for a small, walnut-sized bump. Expect a sensation of pressure at the first touch. Experiment with different strokes and vary the amount of pressure. Don’t be surprised if prostate stimulation causes a mind-blowing orgasm!