How To Find Quality Women To Date

Want to know how to find quality women to date? If you're looking to find quality women to date, the first key is to be a quality man a quality woman wants to date! Discriminating women will not fall for cheesy lines, lobbed across a smokey bar at 2 am. So, if you're really interested in learning how to find quality women to date, read on.

  1. You've got a much better chance of finding quality women to date if you hang out at quality spots. Do a bit of research and find some neighborhood bars in upscale areas of the city. Head to the upscale bar at happy hour on a Friday when quality women will be likely to drop by for a cocktail and to unwind.
  2. Consider enrolling in an online dating service. Some of the better online dating services, most of which charge a fee, are reputable places to meet similarly minded mates. Although the enrollment questionnaires might be long and laborious to complete, you'll have a good overview of the women you select to date.
  3. Find quality women at dating clinics. Most large cities have dating clinics where single people are brought together (for a fee) over a shared passion, such as wine and cheese tastings. Quality women, like quality men, won't have a problem shelling out money for a speed dating clinic. And, the fact that the women are at something that you enjoy will give you an immediate "in' when starting conversation.
  4. The easiest way to find quality women to date may be to ask your friends for tips. Your friends know you the best of anyone (except, of course, yourself) and they just may have someone in mind who would be a good dating match for you. Be open and honest about the qualities you hope to find in the woman you hope to date. And, be open minded when on dates and don't dismiss possible quality women because of physical attributes. Beauty comes from within – and that stands up to men and women.
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