How To Find Real Love

Everyone wants to know how to find real love. Finding real love is one of those journeys that don't really have a start or an end date. You can't wake up one day and say "I'm going to find the woman of my dreams" and expect the USPS to deliver her within a week. You just never know. Have you ever been in a relationship that you thought was real love only to have the union crash and burn? Sure you have. Everyone has. Hell, there are even websites dedicated to matching you to your real love. But there's one key element that the majority of us seem to overlook. You could join a million and one "real love" websites and not meet your perfect match. You know why? Because you don't know who you are. You can't expect to meet your real love without, well understanding you. 

  1. Get rid of the mask. People spend entirely too much time trying to fit in, instead of accepting themselves. Many times we put on a more socially acceptable mask to try to coax others, including the opposite sex to like us. One of two things result in this activity. Either a) you meet a girl and she can tell you're faking it, or b) she falls for the fallacy. Believe it when we say option b) is far worse. Just think about it. She fell for a puffed up fake version of you, which means you'll have to keep up the facade to keep her interested. Eventually you'll get tired of faking it. This isn't real love gentlemen.
  2. The real you. Understanding the real you doesn't mean you acknowledge the fact that you prefer fish sticks over hamburgers. No, you need to develop a true understanding of yourself. You need a greater understanding of how you function socially in society. Are you outgoing or shy? Do you like being the center of attention, or do you prefer playing the cool, laid back role? What are your desires, what drives you? You have to look at your attributes, interests, and anything else that may help define you as a person.  Appreciate these pieces that make you unique.  Becoming comfortable with your disposition, accepting your qualities is the first step to being able to venture into the dating world and finding your real love.
  3. Opposites may attract.  This has to do with the characteristics you're looking for in a mate. Once again, you have to be perfectly honest with yourself. Do you want a girl that's just like you or would you rather have someone that compliments you instead? Where you're impulsive, would you want a girl that's a more thoughtful thinker?
  4. The best places to meet someone. Well buddy this is totally up to you as well. Have you been exploring your likes and dislikes? Submerse yourself in activities that center around your joys in life. You'll run into women that enjoy what you enjoy. It'll also be easier for you to approach these women because you'll already have something in common with them, and it's much better to be relaxed when talking to the ladies anyway.
  5. Alternate ways to meet people. If you've chosen to stick to the web based dating sites, exploring yourself will still aid in meeting your real cyber-love. These sites ask you to fill out, in detail, everything that we pointed out to you above. The more information you can provide them, the more potential real love matches they can email your way. Happy hunting.
  6. It's not an exact science. Sometimes you have to wade through the manure to get to the roses. You just never really know about someone until you get to know them. Don't be afraid to get out there and meet people for fear of failure. Think positively. Just because you and the last chick didn't last doesn't mean you wont meet someone you will fall truly in love with. It just means that that particular girl didn't mesh well with you.
  7. Be cool.  Go out and date, but don't force anything. Don't have any expectations and you'll bound to be surprised. Expecting too much can cause you to miss out on something great.



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