How To Find A Rent To Buy Home

If renting a home for awhile before buying it is something you're interested in, you should definitely know how to find a rent to buy home. Due to certain financing liability issues, rent to buy home isn't very popular. Nevertheless, some people still find it a feasible way to become a home owner. The following instructions will show you how to find a rent to buy home.

To find a rent to buy home, you will need:

  • Paper
  • Pen
  • Internet
  • Realtor
  • Local MLS listings
  • Real estate (RE) classified
  • Real estate (RE) with rental listings


  1. Figure out your criteria. The first step in finding a rent to buy home is to know what you are looking for. List the criteria for your ideal home such as: location, size, amenities, neighborhood, rent amount, length of lease, etc. Just like buying a home, a rent to buy home also has its pros and cons which you should consider.
  2. Research for your ideal home. After knowing your criteria, you can find a rent to buy home by doing some searches through different sources like: local MLS listings on the internet, RE classified, and RE magazines with rental listings. Write down all the listings that meet your criteria. You can check out these homes in person by driving by or walking around the neighborhood.
  3. Work with a realtor. In order to find a rent to buy home, getting assistance from a realtor is strongly recommended. If your ideal home is a private owner's rent to buy listing, you probably can deal with the owner directly. If the listing is owned by a real estate company, or the listing that you are crazy about is strictly for rental only, a realtor can negotiate the deal for you. Since a rent to buy home involves with owner's financial liabilities, a realtor can handle the deal without getting anyone in any legal trouble.

Finding a rent to buy home is very easy with these 3 steps. It is always possible to rent a home and buy it later on. This way surely gives people a very fair opportunity to own a home.



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