How To Find The Right Batting Stance

If you plan on playing some baseball, you might want to learn how to find the right batting stance. Batting stance can impact the distance the ball may go or the direction it may go in. With a little work, you can find the right batting stance for you.

To find the right batting stance, you will need:

  • baseball bat
  1. Find a bat that you are comfortable with. Bats come in different lengths and weights. If you prefer a heavier bat, feel free to use one. If you prefer a longer bat, use that one. If you are an inexperience baseball player, try to choose a light bat that is easy to swing. Use a bat that is perfect for you. Do not choose a bat depending on your favorite Major League Baseball players.
  2. Learn to grip the bat. Once you have the choice bat for you, it's time to start working on the perfect stance. Grip is very important when working on your batting stance. A lot of the greats held their bat at the edge. You can do this if it feels right to you. Those who are new to baseball should hold it a little bit higher. The higher you hold on to the bat the more control. Control leads to more hits.
  3. Perfect your hand placement. When working on your batting stance, it is best to keep your hands close together. Your hands should be slightly above the end of the bat and close together. When you are holding the bat, make it feel natural. Don't squeeze to tight. If you are tightening your muscles, it can make it hard for your muscles to react.
  4. Go into the parallel stance. The parallel stance is the most common, and known for giving the hitter the best hitting chances. Place yourself in the middle of the batter box. You don't want to be too close to the plate. Stand close enough that the head of the bat is able to cover the outside corner. At this time all of your weight should be on the ball of your feet. This enables you to react more quickly. Bend your waist and your knees. You now need to have the bat behind your shoulder and at an angle.
  5. Wait for your pitch. The last part of having the right batting stance is waiting for the pitch. It is important to be still and not tense up. If you keep your hands in the comfortable position, find a bat that fits you and keep your body bent, you will be in a perfect batting stance for game play.
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