How To Find The Right Sized Motorcycle

Knowing how to find the right sized motorcycle is a simple but important process that ensures pleasurable riding for a long time. The key is finding a motorcycle that fits you comfortably and safely. Finding a bike that is too large or too small can be costly, time-consuming, and all around uncomfortable to ride. Listed below are some steps to finding the right sized motorcycle for you.

  1. Try the motorcycle on for size. Finding the right motorcycle is a “hands-on” experience. You will need to find a dealer that will allow you to try it out. Many motorcycle dealers are good about letting you try out the merchandise and can offer tips and information to help you make a good decision.
  2. Keep your feet planted on the ground. The first thing to look for in a motorcycle is your ability to sit on the bike with both feet flat on the ground. If leaning is necessary to stop the bike or hold it up then the motorcycle is too large. It is important to be able to handle the motorcycle comfortably in a resting position. This will also increase confidence levels when you can plant both feet on the ground at a stop.
  3. Do not buy more power than you can handle. If you are a beginning rider, look for a motorcycle that does not have too much horsepower. This can be dangerous or deadly. Motorcycles accelerate, brake, and handle much differently than cars and trucks. Give yourself time to learn the intricacies of riding before looking for a high-powered rocket sled.
  4. Leave the stretching for the gym. Sit on the seat of the motorcycle and reach out to grab the handle grips of the handle bars. This should feel comfortable without requiring you to stretching out just to reach the handlebars but also make sure that your elbows do not bend too much. Test the clutch, accelerator, and brakes for usability and comfort. When testing the clutch and brake handles, use four fingers and make sure they move smoothly and easily.
  5. Check for the proper leg room. With the motorcycle firmly on the belly rest, place your feet on the pegs or foot boards. Make sure this is a comfortable fit and that your legs are not stretched out or bring your knees too high. Test the brake and clutch pedals to see if you can use them smoothly and comfortably.
  6. Sit on the bike for more than a minute or two. Once you have found a motorcycle that has a comfortable size and fit stay seated on it for five to ten minutes. If you are still comfortable after taking a simulated ride on it then you have probably chosen well. Remember that you will be riding this motorcycle for a long period of time and that a comfortable ride will be more enjoyable.

Following these guidelines and focusing on safety and comfort during the test drive and shopping experience will help to make sure a compatible match between motorcycle and rider.

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