How To Find Security Code For A Nokia 3220

If you changed your security code and forgotten it, you probably need to know how to find the security code for a Nokia 3220.  The security code on the Nokia 3220 is used to lock your phone if necessary and to restrict certain functions on the device.  If you have forgotten the security code or never knew it to begin with, there are certain steps you can do to retrieve it.  

Things You Will Need:

  • Nokia Tool (Or Similar Program)
  • Data Cable
  • Computer with Internet Access
  1. If you never changed the security code on your Nokia 3220, then you simply need the default security code.  For most Nokia products, including the Nokia3220, the default security code is 12345.  Simply input the digits and access your security settings on your device.
  2. If you have changed your security code, finding the code on your Nokia 3220 takes a little more work.  There are various programs that available to download online that features software to find the security code on your Nokia 3220.  A simple online search will help you to locate a program that is free or costs very little.  Once such tool is the Rollis 1.8 Nokia Tool.  After downloading and installing the tool of your choice, connect your Nokia 3220 to your computer using a data cable. The Nokia Tool will display all of your phone's information, including the security code.  

Once you have found the security code for your Nokia 3220, write it down.  If you want to change your security code, change it to something that is easy for you to remember, but difficult for others to figure out.  

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