How To Find A Seiko Watch’s Serial Number

Do you want to know how to find a Seiko watch's serial number? It isn't difficult to find a Seiko watch's serial number; it's right there on the back of the watch case or on the rim of the caseback. What is more difficult, though, is determining what a Seiko watch's serial number means! And, if you know how to use the Seiko code to your advantage, you just might find that you can bargain for a better price by telling the store clerk that the "new" watch they're selling was actually made two years ago. Knowledge is power!

  1. Find a Seiko watch's serial number by turning the watch over so the back is facing up. If your Seiko watch has a solid back (gold, titanium or stainless steel), the serial number will be a six digit number etched in a straight line. If your Seiko watch has a glass back, the serial code will be harder to see but will some close inspection, you should be able to find it. It will be imprinted on the glass and is directly opposite the Seiko logo. The very high end Seiko watches will have the serial number etched on the rim of the caseback.
  2. Decipher the Seiko watch's serial number by knowing some Seiko code. All you need to know to drive a bargain is how to decipher the first number in the serial number. The very first number is the year of the decade that the watch was made (NOT the decade itself). So, this number will start with a zero through nine. The problem arises when you try to figure out the decade as it's not known from the serial number. But, if you were shopping for a watch in 2003 and the first digit of that fancy new Seiko was an eight, you would have known that the watch was produced in 1998, since 2008 hadn't happened yet.
    Now is the time to drive that bargain with the clerk over the "new" watch they're trying to sell. Chances are that the watch may even be discontinued so check carefully before plunking down your hard earned dollars on a "new" watch.

Tips: If you're buying from an estate jeweler, it's more difficult to tell the year of the Seiko watch. You may need to copy the serial number and contact Seiko directly to find out what decade in which it was produced.

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