How To Find Serial Number On Mariner Boat Motor

Getting that old Mercury ready for the water this year means maintenance, and that can mean ordering parts and knowing how to find the serial number on your Mariner boat motor. You might be scratching your head wondering where to look, but it’s not that hard. An outboard motor is a small piece of machinery. Even if you had to look the whole thing over, it should only take you a few minutes. However, with a little help, searching high and low won’t be necessary.

  1. Locate the clamp bracket for your Mercury Mariner motor. On some motors, you may need to find the swivel bracket (either port or starboard) or transom bracket.
  2. Serial number tags are mounted on the top edge of the clamp bracket, towards the outside. Other tags may be found on the top of the swivel bracket. You’ll be looking for a small metal plate permanently attached to the motor casing. Newer models usually have them near the transom bracket.
  3. If you cannot find the serial number on the brackets, take the cover off the motor. Look near the starter by the flywheel or on the rocker arm.
  4. There are several numbers etched into the tag. The top number is your serial number. Below that is the year and model number for older Mariner motors. Newer motors do not have a year.

Keep in mind, most marine parts suppliers and online catalog companies will need the serial number for your Mariner motor in order to get you the right parts. Without that number, there’s no telling how long it might take you to figure out exactly what parts you need and what will or won’t fit your outboard motor.

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