How To Find Serial Numbers For Software

Anyone looking to know how to find serial numbers for software is usually doing so because they purchased a licensed application. This could come in the form of a digital download, or simply via the good old retail way. Serial numbers for software serve as a means to activate a product or service, as well as a way to verify its authenticity.

  1. Look into your product's user manual. Typically, most applications come accompanied by an instructions manual, and this is where serial numbers for software are stored. Refer to the main index for its exact location.
  2. Insert the application disc into your computer. Another way to find serial numbers for software is inside the disc's contents. they could either pop up as you install the program in question, or they could simply be stored inside a text file. This practice is more common if your application came in the form of a digital download from the Internet. The serial number is also placed on the disc case or sleeve sometimes.
  3. Contact technical support. If you lost your software instructions manual, or if you simply cannot locate any serial numbers, customer representatives can retrieve that information for you to activate your product.


  • For safety purposes, always write down any serial numbers for software and store it in a safe place, even if you have the original copy available.


  • Always ensure your application is legitimate, as serial numbers for software won't work if your product has been pirated, or otherwise illegally obtained. Furthermore, beware of how many computers the serial numbers allow you to install the product in.
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