How To Find Someone’s IP Address

If you want to track down which computer is sending you emails or commenting on your blog posts, you need to know how to find someone’s IP address. An IP address, made up of numbers and periods, is a unique identification number that your internet provider assigns to your computer. IP, or internet protocol, addresses are either dynamic or static. Dynamic means that each time your computer connects to the internet, a new IP address is assigned to your computer, while static means that your computer keeps its IP address as long as you keep your same internet provider. Now that you know what an IP address is, here are the steps to finding someone else’s.

  1. Finding The IP Address On A Blog If you are trying to track down who it is that is leaving annoying comments on your blog posts (or professing their undying love!), most blog and online journals give you the option to track IP addresses. This will be an option you can select under settings or preferences. Once that option has been selected, a small notice explaining that you are tracking IP addresses will appear on the comment box when someone tries to comment on your blog. If they choose to leave a comment, their IP address will be listed under their name or username.
  2. Finding the Sender’s IP Address In Gmail Google’s Gmail makes it very easy to find the sender’s IP address. Log in to your account and open the message you want to investigate. To the right of where the time and date are displayed on the message, click the arrow to the right of the “reply” button. From the dropdown menu, select “show original.” This will open a new tab with the sender information as well as the message in HTML. In the first ten rows of text, find the line that begins with “Received: from.” The number in brackets at the very end of that line is the IP address of the sender.
  3. Finding the Sender’s IP Address In Other Mail Programs Other mail programs have similar steps to find the IP address of the sender. In Yahoo, at the very bottom right of the message next to the “select message encoding” drop down menu, there is a “full headers” link. Click it and the full header will be displayed, with “X-Originating-IP” displaying the sender’s IP address. In Hotmail, click the check box of the message and then right click on it. A menu will pop up. Click on “view message source.” Just like in Gmail, the IP address at the end of the “Received: from” line is the sender’s IP address.
  4. What To Do If There Is More Than One IP Address Listed When more than one IP address is listed under the message info it is very likely the message was routed before arriving in your inbox. The original sender’s IP address will be the last one listed.
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