How To Find Sponsors For Little League Baseball Teams

Since most Little League Baseball leagues do not supply uniforms for their players, it's good to know how to find sponsors for Little League Baseball teams. When a business or individual sponsors a team, it normally picks up the tab for uniforms, balls, trophies and the end of season party. By learning how to find sponsors for Little League Baseball teams, you won't have to rely on the player's parents to pitch in money for these items.

  1. Visit businesses. Sure, you can send letters requesting a sponsorship, or make phone calls to area businesses, but it is much easier for people to say no, or simply ignore the request altogether, when you use this method. Instead, you can find sponsors for Little League Baseball teams by personally visiting businesses.
  2. Bring a player with you. This is, in a way, a dirty tactic, but if you bring a player, or even two or three players, with you when requesting sponsorship, you can be certain that your chances of finding a sponsor will increase. Who can say no to a cute little kid wanting to play sports? The secret of learning how to find sponsors for Little League Baseball is the "cute factor" the kids possess.
  3. Approach the right business. Think about which businesses would benefit from sponsoring Little League Baseball teams. Sporting goods stores, screen  printing businesses and restaurants are all good places to try. Sporting goods stores benefit because all the players will need supplies, screen printing businesses benefit because they can make the uniform shirts, and restaurants benefit because the players can go to the restaurant after the game.
  4. Mention the advertising they'll receive. One sad truth in life is that most people don't do something for nothing. If you can mention the fact that the business will be advertised on the back of the team uniforms, within the team name and by the players themselves, people will be more inclined to want to offer their sponsorship. To effectively learn how to find sponsors for Little League Baseball teams, you'll need to approach a potential sponsor as if you are selling a product.

With a little footwork, and a lot of charm, you'll find that learning how to find sponsors for Little League Baseball teams isn't that hard at all.



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