How To Find Sponsorship For A Kayaking Trip

When you know how to find sponsorship for a kayaking trip, you can spend the amount of time you want to having fun on the water. If you are planning a trip with a large group, find out exactly how many people intend to go. Determine the amount of funding you need, and make sure you have the date of the trip finalized so you know how long you have to raise the money. 

  1. Contact your employee for sponsorship for a kayaking trip. See if they will offer to make a contribution toward your trip. If you are kayaking with a group, have the other kayakers talk with their employers as well.
  2. Talk with your church to find sponsorship for a kayaking trip. If some church members are going on the trip with you, have them go with you when you talk to church elders or officials. Make sure to explain the benefits of the trip, and why you need additional funding.
  3. Look to local businesses to find sponsorship for a kayaking trip. Many businesses will offer a cash contribution if they think it will promote their product or service. Go over the details of your trip, and try to get funding from several different business owners. Approach both small and large businesses, and either ask to speak directly to the owner or with a manager who can direct you to the proper department.
  4. Put up some flyers to get sponsorship for a kayaking trip. Some people may see your flyers and contact you about becoming a possible sponsor. Use a creative touch when you design the flyer, and put them up anywhere that such solicitation is permitted.  
  5. Use social media to get sponsorship for a kayaking trip. Try Facebook, Twitter or any other networking source you have as a possible source of funding. If you or any members of your group have a blog or website, use that as well. If one of your contacts will provide funding as long as they are able to join the trip, let them come along if it helps you reach your goal.
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