How To Find Spy Software On Your Computer

Need to know how to find spy software on your computer? Finding spy software on your computer is very important for protecting personal information that you enter on your computer. Spy software, or spyware as it's often called, is a type of malicious program that secretly collects information and then sends it back to the creator of the program. It can be spread generally through email or websites. There are several free programs that you can use to detect malicious spy software. There are of course others that you can pay for, too. Follow these steps to find spy software on your computer.

  1. Download an anti-spyware program, like Spybot Search and Destroy. This is a free program that is good at detecting malicious spy software.
  2. Follow the steps to set up the program. Make sure to install updates before running the scan for malicious software.
  3. Download AVG antivirus. This is another free program. 
  4. If you prefer you can buy antivirus software, such as Norton Antivirus. This is a popular antivirus program that can scan for and remove spyware. Newer versions are very fast at effectively scanning a computer. 
  5. If a virus cannot be removed while Windows is running, another option to try is to boot Windows in safe mode. This boots Windows with only essential drivers and software. This can sometimes cause a virus not to run at startup to allow it to be removed. Run safe mode by pressing the F8 key during startup.
  6. Run an antivirus program capable of running in safe mode. Spybot Search and Destroy is capable of this.
  7. Update your computer. If you use a computer running Windows, run Windows Update. Make sure to keep your computer updated with the latest patches to keep it secure. This will help prevent spyware from infecting your computer.

Sometimes it is a good idea to reinstall your operating system if your computer becomes infected. This is a more sure way to eliminate all traces of malicious spy software. Back up all of your data and scan it for spyware. Then reinstall the operating system and replace your data and programs. Warning: spyware programs can be created to look like free antivirus programs. Be sure that the website you are using to download an antivirus program is reputable.


Detecting Spyware Quickly

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