How To Find A Star Wars Republic Commando Action Figure Scorch

Figuring out how to find a "Star Wars" Republic Commando action figure Scorch, is a fairly simple process. The Scorch figure was released as part of "Star Wars" Republic Commando Delta Squad action figure Set in 2006. This set was sold exclusively online at On the secondary market, the complete set sells for around 200 dollars. Scorch was also released individually in 2006 as a basic figure and an  "Ultimate Galactic Hunt" variant.  Either way, their are a number of ways to track down this "Star Wars" Commando. The individual figures run from about $30.00 to $50.00.

  1. Hobby Shops.  In this age of instant access, local shops are often overlooked. Before you go online, check the phone book for local "hobby" or "collectible" shops.  Comic shops are often affiliated with "Star Wars" collectibles too. So call around. You may get a bargain and you won't have to pay shipping on your  "Star Wars" Republic Commando action figure Scorch.
  2. Catalogs. Catalog sales have also gone by the wayside, but there are still several to try. Make sure you deal with a reputable company You'll get a fair price, and unlike many online markets, you know they'll back up what they sell as they grade their figures. And while perusing your catalog for the Scorch figure, you might just find something else you'd love to have. Serendipitous shopping moments are few and far between online.
  3. Internet. If you have tried local and catalog markets and come up empty, you will find a ton of "Star Wars" Republic Commando action figure Scorch online. There are a lot of good sites out there. Be sure to shop around for the best quality  and lowest price. (Just don't get too excited if you find a "Star Wars" Republic Commando action figure Scorch for under a dollar. He comes in a miniature too.)

So choose which "Star Wars" Republic Commando action figure Scorch version you're after, and decide what you are willing to pay. If you are going to use it to reenact the movie, go cheap, You can always becoming  a "serious" collector later. Good luck!

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