How To Find Starcraft CD Key

"Starcraft" is another online game created by Blizzard, and you need to know how to find Starcraft CD key information to play it. The key is provided by Blizzard when you purchase the game. The key is composed of 26 characters and can be very easy to lose. As long as you have the original things that came with your game when you first purchased it, then you will be fine. Here are a few steps that will help you to find your "Starcraft" key.

To find your "Starcraft" CD key, you will need:

  • "Starcraft" manual and case
  1. Look on the back of your Starcarft CD/game case. You can try and locate the "Starcraft" CD key on the back. If you purchased your game during a certain time then it may not be on the back.
  2. Check the front or back of your "Starcraft" game manual. Blizzard is known for placing game keys on either the front or back of manuals. If the key is on the manual then it will be highlighted in white.
  3. If you downloaded the game online then you can log into your account to retrieve your game key. If you download a game online all keys are saved under your account. Go to where it says "manage game" and select "Starcraft". You should now be able to see your 26 character key.
  4. If you cannot find your key, go online to Blizzard support and fill out a media replacement form. The form will ask you for personal information, the name of your game, and the object you want to replace.

If you end up not being able to find your "Starcraft" CD key you may have to contact Blizzard directly to recover your lost key. This is why it is easier that you keep everything that comes with your game until you are positive you will no longer need it.

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