How To Find A Stolen Phone

If you want to know how to find a stolen phone, you're going to need to use all of your detective skills. Though it would probably be easier just to replace your phone, finding the stolen phone is very possible. It may mean having to correspond with your phone carrier. It may even mean leaving your service active for a few days, but if you're determined to find that stolen phone, it is possible. Tracking down your stolen phone will be much like an episode of "Columbo" or even a Sherlock Holmes tale. We'll show you the best ways to locate your stolen phone.

  1. What a thief will do. When someone has a phone stolen from them, their first response is to freeze their account so they don't receive any extra charges. The thief realizes that their victim will probably go this route. Once you report the phone stolen to your wireless phone carrier they'll eliminate the phone from your account. This will allow the thief to use the phone by connecting it to another account or, better yet, selling the phone so somebody else can use it. All they have to do is attempt to make a call, in which case the sexy automated voice will tell them the phone is not connected. Then the thief is free to sell your stolen phone.
  2. Using your resources. You don't want to leave the service on too long, but there's a possibility you can lure the thief into a dumb mistake. If the thief calls a friend, you'll have record of that call on your monthly statement. You can also contact your carrier and get recent call information. Sure, the longer you wait, the greater the chance you get charged for something the thief did, but it's also a way to trace the idiot. Then you can follow up by calling the numbers you don't recognize.
  3. GPS. Newer phones are programmed with GPS. Not only can you find directions with the phone, the GPS tells you where you're located via your cell phone. Call your carrier and see if they could possibly pinpoint where your phone is. They'll ask you all the expected security questions and passwords, but you should be able to get your carrier to help you.
  4. Reporting the phone stolen. Every cell phone comes with a unique MEID number. If you know this number, let your carrier know that the phone was stolen. Let them know the number and have them alert their employees that a phone by that particular MEID is stolen. If someone tries to activate your phone, your carrier will know about it.
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