How To Find Swingers Online

Are you curious about how to find swingers online because perhaps you want to find more out about that scene? Being a swinger might not be for everyone, but you might find that you enjoy it. Swingers might be a negative term when they are being referred too, but you can find more information out about the parties and lifestyle prior to going in on them.

  1. Search for swingers in your area through an online search engine. This might be a difficult task to accomplish since a lot of swingers might not be so openly out there. There are places however, that do show you where to go, and how to join one of their parties when you’re a newcomer. Don’t worry; they will make you feel at home..
  2. Check out the various sites that come up. You want to do your research prior to signing up. Make sure you read over what each site has to say. Some of the parties involve other things besides swinging. Make sure you’re clear on their rules and regulations, and that you let them know you’re new to this whole scene.
  3. Sign up for a swinger get together party for the first time. You can sign up a number of ways for a swinger party depending on the host’s preference. Email is usually an option, as well as over the phone. You can then let them know that this would be your first time, and tell them a little about yourself. Some swingers want you to provide a small profile, include your picture, and even submit standard STD tests.
  4. Attend the party. Once you pass the preliminaries it is time to go to the party. Mingle, and find out what it is all about. Being nervous is normal, and you can find that you do or do not like it. You will never know unless you attend the party and try it firsthand. 


  • Learn as much as you can about being a swinger. You might find that you do not like it once you read everything on it. This can mean going to the library, looking up the information online, or even asking swingers themselves what it is about and how they feel about it.
  • Determine if it is the right move for you. This might not be the best move depending on your current relationship situation. You might not even feel comfortable with what they do. Although, it might be worth a try if you’re curious.
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