How To Find A Swingers Party

For those interested in the swinging lifestyle (also known as the swing lifestyle or just the lifestyle), knowing how to find a swingers party can be useful. The swinging lifestyle is the act of having an agreed-upon non-monogamous relationship. There are different types of swingers parties, each with different rules, advantages, disadvantages and tactics to finding them. The different type of swinger parties are house parties, club parties, on-premises parties and off-premises parties.

 To find a swingers party, you will need:

  • Contacts in the lifestyle community
  • Internet access
  • Access to alternative-lifestyle publications
  • An open mind
  1. First, you should understand the different types of parties. House parties are those that are held at the houses of people who practice the swinging lifestyle. These are usually free but by invitation only. Club parties are held at swinger’s clubs or sponsored by the club. While these parties are typically open, they normally charge a fee to enter. Sometimes the fee will vary depending on if you are part of a couple, an unattached female or a unattached male. On-premises parties are those that allow sexual acts at the site of the party. This is typical for house parties but is not always the case. Off-premises parties are ones where only mingling happens at the location, and all sexual acts must be arranged elsewhere. Most of the time club parties are only off-premises, but this depends largely on the law in the area where the party is being held. Before proceeding, you should decide what kind of party you are most interested in, because it will impact what method you use.
  2. If you know people in the lifestyle, you should contact them and ask if they know of any parties in the area. Be sure to ask what kind of party it is and if there is anything you need to know beforehand. This is a good way to find out about any kind of party, but is especially good for gaining invitations to selective house parties.
  3. Another method is to search for swingers groups. You can do this by searching online or in alternative-lifestyle magazines. This method is equally effective for any kind of party.
  4. To find club parties, you can search either online or in alternative-lifestyle magazines for advertisements for adult clubs. Even if the club you find does not host parties, it may become a contact in the lifestyle that can tell you of some.
  5. The above method can be used to look for house parties as well. There are many alternative-lifestyle websites that allow members to list their house parties. Some will even run ads in alternative-lifestyle magazines.

No matter the type of party or method you use, wisdom and safety should be used as well. You should always practice safe sex. Also, since you will be meeting many new people, caution should be kept in mind.

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