How To Find Tortoise Shell Frames

If you want to amp up the style with your frames, learn how to find tortoise shell frames. If you are looking for real tortoise shell frames (either sunglass or picture) then you are in for a rude awakening. Tortoise shell frames became extremely popular in the 1950, primarily for sunglass frames. The tortoise shell design is what was popular. The tortoise shell design for frames if unique and can be quite attractive. The tortoise shell used to manufacture such amenities is protected in most parts of the world. Poaching tortoise shell is still out there as it is for other protected animals. Question is, is it worth the risk to get an authentic tortoise shell frame? This article believes it is not and will tell you how you can get faux tortoise shell frames easily and inexpensively.

You will need:

  • Money
  • Computer
  • Internet
  • Transportation


  1. There are many great opportunities to locate faux tortoise shell frames. You can go to your local mall and check out the various stores that sell sunglass frames. Many manufacturers, such as Gucci, Izod and RayBan offer faux tortoise shell sunglass frames.
  2. Another great place is eBay or iBuy. Internet auction houses are beaming with faux tortoise shell frames. Be careful here, make sure you fully read the product description. If those claiming “authentic” tortoise shell frames, check the material used to manufacturer.
  3. If you happen to find authentic tortoise shell frames, it is up to you if you want to purchase them. It is advised that if it is from overseas, check your countries import laws. This purchase could be very costly to you otherwise. This would be a great rarity however.
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