How to Find Toyota Part Numbers

Need to know how to find Toyota part numbers? Vehicle part numbers make it easy to locate specific parts. Manufacturers assign numbers to each part they create. Automotive parts stores, mechanics and dealers use the number to locate parts when repairing your vehicle. To find Toyota part numbers you can use a number of resources. Contacting an auto mechanic or an original equipment manufacturer combined with online resources yields the best results.

  1. Contact a local mechanic or auto body shop. A mechanic in your area should be able to find Toyota part numbers. Tell the mechanic the name of the part you are looking for. He should be able to consult his resources or a database to locate the part number.
  2. Contact Toyota. Call Toyota’s main customer service line on 800-331-4331. Tell the representative that you are looking for specific part number and would like to speak with the parts department. The department should have information for your specific model and year. If not, request information on locating the part number.
  3. Contact an original equipment manufacturer (OEM). OEMs create original parts for vehicles and should have access to part numbers. Locate a Toyota OEM by conducting an online search. Use keywords that include your vehicle’s model. For example, enter “Camry OEM” or “Camry original equipment manufacturer” in the search field.
  4. Conduct an online search. If you know the name of the part, use a well-indexed search engine to locate the part number. For example, enter “Prius water pump” or “Prius crank shaft pulley” to locate the part. Research the search engine results to locate the part number. 
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