How To Find Tracfone Ringtone Promo Codes

Tracfones are handy prepaid cellphones that are great if you don't want to have a monthly payment for a cell phone, or you just need it for emergencies; learning how to find Tracfone ringtone promo codes will make owning the Tracfone even cheaper for you. Buying Tracfone ringtones helps you personalize these prepaid cell phones. It might be something small to add onto your Tracfone, but it can make a world of difference if you're trying to figure out whose cellphone is ringing at a party. Transferring ringtones to your phone is a piece of cake. Many phones under the Tracfone label have Bluetooth capabilities that allow you to transfer files wirelessly. Other phones can navigate directly to the sites to download the ringtones. Finally, other phones can have the files transferred with a USB cable.

  1. Check your text messages. Sometimes TracFone sends out promotional codes for discounting and free ringtones. The advantage to finding ringtone promos this way is that you don't have to spend any time or energy to do it.
  2. Look on coupon sites. Tracfone and partners that sell Tracfone products put promotional codes on these sites. Most of the time the promotions are for extra minutes, but you'll see ringtone promotions here and there.
  3. Search for promotional codes on other ringtone sites. Check to make sure that the ringtones are compatible with your particular Tracfone. The phone's manual should indicate compatible formats for your phone. Most of the time you're looking at MP3 formats.



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