How To Find Used Beer Coolers

Trying to find out how to find used beer coolers does not have to be difficult. Finding a used beer cooler can actually be pretty easy either online or in your area. During spring and summer many people are trying to clean out their garages and get rid of possessions, beer coolers included. Figure out where you want to purchase the used beer cooler. Finding the right cooler locally can be a little more difficult, but less expensive.

  1. Garage Sales – Driving around your neighborhood during the summer months can yield many options. Sometimes those running the garage sale do not have any used beer coolers out for sale. If this is the case, sometimes if you ask if they have one they are willing to part with; you can get one for a good price.
  2. Newspaper – Local newspapers can have a lot of options for finding a used beer cooler. There may not be many ads for them, but the patience pays off when you find a great deal.
  3. Craigslist –  Looking through the Craigslist postings for your town and nearby towns can also yield many results. Looking at towns that are within driving distance and not just the one that is nearest improves the chances of finding the perfect used beer cooler.  There is even a section for free items that sometimes include used beer coolers. 
  4. eBay –  On eBay people sell nearly everything. A quick search for “used beer cooler” yields a lot of results. It may take a while to sift through and find the right one, but it is worth the time.
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