How To Find A Value Of A Vintage Levi Jean

Before filling that donation box, learn how to find a value of a vintage Levi Jean. The market for vintage Levi's spans around the world. The mystique of American cowboys is coveted by people everywhere.

To find a value of a vintage Levi Jean you will need;

  • Vintage Levi jeans
  • History of the company
  • Knowledge of clothing
  • Access to Ebay and other online sites
  1. Study the history of Levi Strauss & Company to get a feel for the evolution of their jeans. Knowing approximately when certain elements were added or taken away will give you an idea of the age your vintage Levi Jean.   
  2. Compare your pair with other similar Levi jeans sold on Ebay or  Red Cloud. Red Cloud is a Japanese company that deals in vintage clothing, specifically jeans, T-shirts and other coveted clothing items.
  3. Take a picture of your vintage Levis. Send to Consumer Relations/OLD LEVI'S/LS/2  P.O. Box 7215  San Francisco, CA 94120 along with a brief description of how you found this particular item and your name, address and phone number.  Levi Strauss & Co will not appraise the item, but it can give more information on the age of your vintage Levi's. 
  4. Be sure to take a clear photo of both the front and the back of your Vintage Levis's. Photocopies are perfectly fine. If you want the pictures back: you will need to send a self addressed stamped envelope. 
  5. Be prepared to wait. Going this route takes time, at least 4-6 weeks. The accuracy and confirmation can be important if the garment is in fact a piece of cowboy history.
  6. Your research may pay off though. In 2001, Levi Strauss & Co paid $46,532 for a pair of Levi's. Bought off of an Ebay auction, these jeans were from the 1880's and fetched the largest price ever for a single pair of vintage Levi's.
  7. 1971 is the year Levi Strauss & Co replaces the capital E with a little e on their red tab. Use this as a marker for how old the jeans really are. 
  8. The value of vintage Levi jeans mainly depends on the market. There are yearly fluctuations that can not be accurately predicted.
  9. Take a chance and put your pair of vintage Levi jeans on Ebay. The value of most any antique depends on how rare the item is and what the market will bear.


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