How To Find Vintage Antique Buttons

How to Find Vintage Antique Buttons for a hobby or to sell to collectors is an interesting pursuit. Collectible vintage buttons must be older than 1916 to be considered vintage.  There are many interesting buttons for men to collect during this period like celluloid buttons, military buttons, brass buttons with different images on them and even art deco buttons with unusual designs. Look for buttons that are not cracked, with good color not faded and that are intact. Collecting vintage antique buttons can be an interesting hobby to pursue and a way to learn about history too.

  1. Look for celluloid buttons. There are two type of celluloid buttons to collect.  Celluloid was made in 1868 so the first buttons were used to fasten clothing or were home decor items. Many buttons came in black, brown and dark colors with intricate designs. The other type of button was an advertising button used to convey a message or advertise a political candidate. Some of the most creative political buttons came between 1868 to 1920's.  Store buttons in a cool dry place with air circulations so they do not dry out and crumble.
  2. Collect  military buttons and uniform military buttons. There are many different wars with military buttons so there are many buttons from different periods  like the Civil War, World War II, or the Korean War to collect. There are many styles, shapes and color of  military buttons to choose from.  It is a chance to learn the history of a particular war when researching the button type.
  3.  Pewter buttons are collectible.  Hard white pewter buttons often have stars or pinwheel designs on them. They were made with a fair amount of pewter and tin. There is rimmed pewter with brass covering with designs for men and women. There are many interesting designs and shapes for collectors to find in pewter buttons.
  4. Collect company buttons that advertised products. There are plenty of advertising buttons made by companies like Goodrich Rubber Company or Coca Cola. These buttons have interesting designs and tell the history of the company.
  5. Brass buttons are another category. Brass buttons often have company or advertising logos on them. They are another category that is collectible and interesting.  Companies like Gold Medal or Radio City Music Hall have had brass buttons made.
  6. Art Deco buttons are unique and artsy. A person that is artistic may enjoy collecting art deco buttons. These button designs emerged after the World War I.
    The style was geometric with an assortment of colors and designs on buttons. Button were a great medium for art deco designs. Many art deco buttons are made of Bakelite or celluloid.
  7. Find antique vintage button online or at antique vintage button shows. Many states have antique vintage button shows or dealers that sell antique vintage buttons.  Looking online or in your local phone book for information. The National Button Society is a good source of information on where to find antique vintage buttons.
  8. Clean buttons and keep in a dry place. Buttons are made of different material so before you clean them find out how to do it properly. Ask the dealer you buy it from or go to an expert source like The National Button Society to find out how to clean different types of buttons. Take care of your collection by storing and cleaning them properly.
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