How To Find Vintage Bowling Shirts

All bowlers should learn how to find vintage bowling shirts. For the avid bowler, finding vintage bowling shirts is a moment of celebration. In the 1950's, bowling shirts were considered the "Geek Chic' of fashion for men. This fashion trend makes it possible to still find the vintage shirts today.

  1. Seek out older bowlers. When finding vintage bowling shirts remember that bowling fanatics who have played on various teams over the years often keep their old shirts as souvenirs. While many may not be willing to part with the memorabilia, you might talk one into parting with a shirt that holds less memories or even bad memories for the owner. Be prepared to pay the asking price. Negotiating for a lower price might change the mind of the seller concerning completing the transaction.
  2. Visit shops specializing in bowling. A bowling pro-shop is a good starting point in finding vintage bowling shirts. Even if the store only sells new items, inquire to the shop keeper about finding your item. Many will be able to point you in the direction of persons with these vintage shirts for sale. The owners themselves may have some stashed away they are willing to part with for the right price.
  3. Go for the new ones. If the goal of finding a vintage bowling shirt is one of simple fashion statement, choose to purchase a new shirt. Pro-shops and specialty sports dealers create the vintage look in new shirts. Ordering one of these shirts allows you to add your name and any logo you may be interested in placing on the back.
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