How To Find Vintage Couture Clothing

Have you ever wondered how to find vintage couture clothing? If so, then check out these tips on shopping for vintage  and couture clothing. In no time you will be well on the way to finding that perfect vintage couture piece. You will be checking your local downtown thrift shops, your local newspaper and auctions and estate sales. In case you aren't sure, vintage couture clothing means something quite specific. "Vintage" refers to anything that is from an era prior to the current one, and "couture" refers to anything that is made by hand or is custom made. Thus, vintage couture clothing can be almost anything! You will know that you have found a good deal when you learn how to search for and find specific pieces of vintage clothing.

  1. First, take a look at the label. All vintage couture clothing comes from a specific era. That era would have known couture lines of clothing. If the line of clothing is one that you like, then it is a good choice.
  2. Look at the price. If the price of the item is too cheap, then you might have a problem. It could easily mean that the item is not authentic vintage or an actual couture piece of clothing. Be careful to watch out for this kind of thing and focus on finding authentic pieces.
  3. Look at the condition of the clothing. If the price is right but the quality is not, then move on. It is not worth paying for if you have a piece that is not vintage or couture that is of value to you. Consider that for your shopping.

When you follow these steps you are sure to find the pieces of vintage couture clothing that you want at a price that is reasonable. Shopping for couture clothing is fun and meaningful. So head out now and find those valuable pieces of vintage and couture clothing!



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