How To Find Vintage Eyeglass

If you are a collector wanting to learn how to find vintage eyeglass, or simply someone looking for an interesting addition to your wardrobe, there are particular places to hunt for your prize. Vintage eyeglasses are not only a find for those with visual impairments, but for collectors looking to cash in on the value of the gold and silver frames, and others who amass collection of antique and vintage eye ware. Here's how you can find interesting and unusual vintage eyeglass.

  1. Determine what kind of vintage eyeglasses you want to collect. If unsure, research vintage eye ware styles and materials to learn more about them before spending money.
  2. Check out flea markets and yard sales for vintage eyeglass. These locations are wonderful hideouts and offer great opportunities for valuable finds for those knowing what to look for.
  3. Investigate local thrift stores, Salvation Army and Goodwill stores. These are great sources for a variety of vintage merchandise and vintage eyeglasses show up in their cases frequently.
  4. Sign up for an account on eBay and search their seemingly endless listings to find unusual vintage eyeglass and other eye ware. Bidding can be fierce on certain items on eBay, so learn how to bid effectively by participating on their forums and asking questions. It takes some skill to win items at auction, but once learned, it will reward you with great vintage finds for eyeglasses.
  5. Search the antique shows and malls. Both antique shows and antique malls are stocked with an enormous amount of merchandise, some very obscure. By regularly attending shows and shopping the antique malls, you will likely turn up many pairs of antique and vintage eyeglasses.
  6. Look online to find vintage eyeglass. There are many websites specializing in vintage merchandise. Search for vintage eyeglass with various search terms to coverer every nook and cranny of the Internet.

Collecting vintage eye ware for whatever reason can be a rewarding hobby or turn into profitable vintage boutique business. Enjoying the search is more than half the challenge to finding vintage eyeglass.


  • Always bargain when purchasing vintage eyeglasses and other vintage items. Even in stores that state they prices are fixed, it is worth making an offer on items you like. If you buy more than one pair of vintage eyeglasses, most likely the seller will offer you a discounted price on the lot.
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