How To Find Vintage Golf Clothes

Need to know how to find vintage golf clothes? Finding vintage golf clothing is a process that takes the searcher through shops and online to internet stores. Taste for modern and vintage golf clothes is subjective. A button-down polo with a collar is the perfect gear for the links as well as a dinner in a casual restaurant. The question is, what type of vintage golf clothes are the focus of your search? If vintage golf clothes to you mean the clothing worn during the time of wooden clubs, then the search will be more difficult. The easiest golf clothing to find is from the 1950s and 1960s. In order to build your vintage golf clothes collection, you'll need to check weekly "throw-away" papers, local newspaper classifieds and old magazine ads.

  1. Design a vintage golf clothing collection plan. Duffers and folks who never get near the greens enjoy wearing golf gear. Figure out your personal style before investing in a ton of clothing only to find it's not for you.
  2. Make an inventory. There's nothing worse than a closet full of golf hats with nothing to finish the ensemble in the pants department. It's easy to remember a few items in the closet when you're just starting out completing your wardrobe, but when you want to look put together for a weekend, you need to group your closet by complete ensembles. Think it terms of a top, pants, an outer garment and shoes. Use a single ensemble hanger to hang complete and matched outfits. Get these together before going out searching for vintage golf items.
  3. Make a must-have list. After you've put together the hanger ensembles, make a list of the must-have items. If you have a choice sweater and need a shirt to match, take a photo of the sweater and make a print. Take this photo with you when shopping. It will keep you focused on completing the outfit and it will also provide a color and style guide as a basis for making new purchases. Some folks get in a vintage golf sweater or shirt mode. Your closet ends up loaded with sweaters or shirts with nothing else to match. Get into the groove of completing outfits for a finished look.
  4. Organize clothing trolling. Identify a few locations where vintage clothes are offered. Finding vintage golf clothes requires an effort to shop at least once a week to collect treasures. Check local newspapers for garage sales and tip vintage clothing store operators off to your search preferences. The owners will then be on the lookout for those items when doing shopping for the store. If you have time to hit the garage and estate sales yourself, keep your preferences a secret. If you announce your preferences, you may end up bidding against a store owner who knows what you'll buy.
  5. Put the word out. Let your friends and family members know that you collect and wear vintage golf clothes. A great uncle Harry in Minnesota who is celebrating a 90th birthday may be in the mood to clean a closet and your name might be mentioned for a donation, provided someone actually knows you're looking for golf clothing treasures. Accept whatever is offered, pick through what you want and donate the rest to charity, or friends who may have different tastes than you do. If you start getting picky about donations from family or friends, you'll find folks out of time for your hunt.
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