How To Find Vintage Gucci Watches

If you’re in the market to find vintage Gucci watches, there are several outlets you can try. First, you must know what qualifies as "vintage." Nowadays vintage means anything that is not manufactured in a contemporary era. There are, however, varying degrees based on a piece's age. For example, a watch from the 1980s would be considered "retro" and a watch from before the 1920s would be called "antique." Whether antique, retro or somewhere in between, anything made before the 1990s would be considered vintage. All you need to find vintage Gucci watches is laid out below. Happy shopping!

What you’ll need to find vintage Gucci watches:

  • Budget
  • Locations to shop
  1. Dollars and cents. The biggest consideration when deciding on a budget is deciding to search for a new or used vintage Gucci watch. A used or pre-owned watch might cost you somewhere in the range of $200 to $500, whereas you can expect a new vintage Gucci watch to run you over $1000. Prices depend on what type of watch you are looking for and what functionality is important to you. Gucci watches, especially vintage Gucci watches, are not cheap, so although you can find deals by shopping around, be prepared to pay for the quality you’re getting.
  2. Where to look. Nothing can compare with seeing something and being able to check it out in person before your purchase. When you are looking for something so rare and difficult to find (such as vintage Gucci watches) you may have a tough time being able to check out the item in person. It is recommended that you hit antique or vintage shops in your area; if you will find a vintage Gucci watch anywhere, this is where you can expect to find it! If you are not able to locate what you are looking for, you’ll have to turn to the internet. You should look on marketplace websites (such as Etsy, Bonanzle or eBay.)  These websites will allow you to do research on the sellers and will give you the opportunity to decline to purchase the item if it arrives to you broken or not what you were promised. Other good sites to try for a good deal would be a mass seller site, such as Overstock or Amazon.
  3. Dedicate the time to your search. Locating something as special as a vintage Gucci watch requires time and patience. When you buy a piece with such quality and history, the hope is that you’ll have it forever (keep this in mind while shopping). If you don’t find what you’re looking for right away, keep at it and devote the time to finding a forever piece!

Best of luck on your search. What you’re looking for is out there, just be patient and leave no stone unturned! A vintage Gucci watch can and surely will be yours!

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