How To Find Vintage Japanese Motorcycle Parts

You need to know how to find vintage Japanese motorcycle parts if you are restoring an old bike. Depending on the model and year of the motorcycle, the parts may be hard to come by. Make a list of the vintage Japanese motorcycle parts you need. Remember to write down any information about each part, to help you with your search.

  1. Search online to find vintage Japanese motorcycle parts. Use a search engine and look for online vendors that sell motorcycle parts. If you have the number of a specific part, try typing that in the search engine as well. Check the motorcycle manufacturer’s website, and see if there is any information you can use to find the parts you need.
  2. Go to a motorcycle parts store. Tell the clerk you need vintage Japanese motorcycle parts. If you are able, have someone from the parts store take a look at your bike. Ask them if any of the parts can be replaced using one of their sources. If you need help repairing the bike once the parts are available, ask the parts store to recommend a motorcycle mechanic.
  3. Ask some other motorcycle riders for help. Find a biker who has a similar motorcycle, and ask them where they get their vintage Japanese motorcycle parts. Also ask the how much the parts cost, so you have an idea of what you will need to spend to fix your motorcycle.
  4. Check with a motorcycle dealership. Tell the dealer you need to find vintage Japanese motorcycle parts, and see if he has any suggestions where to look. Many bike dealers have a thorough knowledge of the parts industry, so you may be able to get the information you need. Ask the dealer to place an order for you if he can help, and find out how much the total cost will be to make sure you can afford all of the parts you need.
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