How To Find Vintage Nike Shoes

Knowing how to find vintage Nike shoes can be as easy as going to the local thrift store or major chain shoe store. There are many outlets for purchasing vintage Nikes online; however, there are many places that sell fraudulent shoes as well. When investigating in how to find vintage Nike shoes, it is important to be sure to take caution when dealing with online stores or individual sellers, as they may be providing shoes that are not authorized Nikes at all.

Things you'll need:

  • Internet access
  • Access to local stores both large and boutique
  1. There are many good finds online. Sites like eBay, and Craigslist list user-posted ads that will allow for purchase of quality vintage Nike shoes that can be fairly inexpensive. These sites may offer goods deals, but buyer beware. Some users can falsely advertise the quality and authenticity of the shoes. It is best to be sure that the seller provides pictures of the shoes for sale. Nike also has vintage shoes on their official website for sale.
  2. Knowledge of the shoes being purchased. If you are looking to find vintage Nike shoes, you must have an intimate knowledge of the shoes you are searching for. Nike has released several different variations of vintage shoes–called Nike Fusion–that look very similar to vintage Nike shoes but are not the original.
  3. Shop around. It is important to shop around for the best deals, especially when purchasing retail. Larger chain stores may have vintage shoes that can be found cheaper at a small boutique.
  4. Garage sale and resale shops may have great finds. You never know what you may be able to find in a resell shop or garage sale. Vintage shoes are not limited to the young and trendy. You may come across a good deal on some quality vintage Nike shoes.
  5. Try outlet malls. Outlet malls usually carry items that retailers no longer stock and those shops may include vintage Nike shoes.

Fashion trends rotate in circles, so it won't be long before your favorite shoes will be popular again. There is no sure-fire way to find vintage Nike shoes, but the best way to search is to use several methods for best results. Taking time and having patience could yield many rewards.

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