How To Find Vintage Paint By Number Kits

If you are a collector of classic kid's toys, you may be wondering how to find vintage paint by number kits. These kits were a part of childhood for many people. They were great for getting a kid interested in art, even if he or she didn't know how to draw. Vintage paint by number kits are not easy to find, especially ones that are still intact in the original box, but if you have a little patience and know where to look, you can find them.

  1. Check out Goodwill. You never know what you will find in a Goodwill store. New items are added each week and there is a chance that someone cleaned out their closest and donated a vintage paint by number kit.
  2. Search on eBay. If you are comfortable with eBay, you can search there for vintage paint by number kits. Many vendors deal in collectable items and you may be able to find the exact kit that you are searching for. Sometimes you will have to place a bid on and item, but there are also many vendors who will sell kits to you for a "buy it now" price.
  3. Try Craigslist. Place an ad on Craigslist stating that you are seeking vintage paint by number kits. You may be surprised to hear from folks who have them just lying around in the attic. State that you will be willing to pay for the kits and list your contact information.

By trying just these three places, you should be able to find at least one vintage paint by number kit. Keep looking and have patience and you will one day find exactly what you are looking for.

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