How To Find Vintage Surf Posters

If you are wondering how to find vintage surf posters in order to have a surfing theme for your office, den, library, or bedroom, there are many online sources that have found an unbelievable amount of such vintage posters/art prints in a variety of prices (some quite cheap), conditions, and showing surfing pictures at different locations.

  1. You can also search online auction sites that feature such vintage surf posters and bid on some that appeal to you and are in your price range.
  2. Go to garage sales, especially in surfing areas, and see if some interesting posters are hidden among the contents.  You should be able to pay very little for these as they would be considered "junk" by the people running sale.
  3. Flea markets may be a good source for vintage posters from beach movies or vintage album covers such as  the "Surfer Girl" album by the Beach Boys.  Perhaps you will find a collector who specializes in such posters and is willing to share his "finds". 
  4. You may find many Hawaiian-themed vintage surf posters such as Exotic Paradise, Surf's Up Hawaii Diamond Head, Aloha from Hawaii, and Surf Riders (Honolulu). 
  5. You may also find vintage surf posters from California and other locations and funny ones such as a Cartoon of Surfing Santa!  
  6. In your search for vintage surf posters, look for those by Kerne Erickson.  He is very popular and is the premier retro Hawaii vintage artist who has produced a large amount of acrylic paintings inspired by the 1920 to 1960 era travel poster art. including vintage magazine pictures and old photographs.
  7. In order to replicate vintage surf posters, Erickson's paintings are very time consuming but spectacular compared to the computer generated images found today.  He often travels to the location of the scene and makes sketches of the actual landscape.  He will often hire a model to pose for a series of sketches so that he can choose the best one.  His lettering is custom designed and  hand drawn.
  8. After you locate your posters, If you don't want to tape them to your walls, find an old surfboard to attach your posters to!  If you want to hang the surfboard, use board hookers. 

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