How To Find Voice Over Actor Jobs

Are you wondering how to find voice over actor jobs? Persistence and perseverance are required in the voice over field. While having a distinctive voice will not hinder you in your ability to find voice over actor jobs, residing close to large metro area's will enhance your efforts.

  1. Live in large metropolitan area's. Area's such as Los Angeles, New York. Toronto, Vancouver and Chicago may enable you to find steady work in voice over actor jobs. Los Angeles has the highest percentile of voice over actors residing there.
  2. Locate successful voice over coaches. Many have had successful careers as voice over actors themselves and offer workshops and private training. Attend one of these training sessions or workshops to see if the coach believes you would have a successful career as a voice over actor. Having some formal training will enhance your chances at finding voice over actor jobs on your own as well as jobs a voice coach may hear of.
  3. Attend college. Enroll in the "getting paid to talk" class. This class is a one session course with all positive and negative aspects given. Speech and acting classes would also be useful in the field of voice over acting.
  4. Computer websites list voice over actor jobs. Specially designed websites will allow you to record a sample reading that will be heard by anyone who uses the site to find voice over actors. Other websites will match you to potential employers for voice over actor jobs.
  5. Work at local radio stations. Local work will give you the practice and experience you need to have a complete resume filled with voice jobs.
  6. Check all inclusive actors resources for voice over jobs. These will give locations as well as types of acting jobs that are available as well as to become available.



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