How To Find Weight Of A Boat In Water

Ever wonder how to find the weight of a boat in the water? While the process does take a little brain power, you do not have to be a Newton, an Einstein, a Galileo or a Tesla to figure this number out. The easiest way is finding the original documentation for the boat and getting its weight, but this may not work if a person changed engines or has placed other equipment on board since purchasing his favored watercraft. Archimedes discovered the principles of displacement long ago, but there is a much easier way to guess the weight of ocean freighters in the water.

The Ocean Freighter Method:

  1. Find a scale on the ship. This tells you how much water the ship is displacing, read this and get tons. Easy enough. That's one way to find out the weight of the ship in the water.

For All Other Boats:

  1. Fill a container big enough to hold your boat full of water. Try to make sure it's deep enough that the boat will float. Measure the height of the water before putting the boat in the water. Write this number down.
  2. Place your watercraft in the container and take the second measurement. Empty the container. You should empty it into a place where the water can get reused easily.
  3. Weigh the empty container and fill it with water up to the difference in displacement. Put the container on the scale before filling it up with water. Fill the container to the level the boat caused the water to rise to. The weight of the water minus the weight of the container equals the volume of the boat. Congratulations, you have found the weight of your boat when it is in the water. You have also found out how much water your boat displaces.

There are fancy equations for this that can save those who are initiated in the secret language of mathematics a great deal of time. If you do it this way, however, you have a great, if not productive way to spend an afternoon.

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