How To Find Who IP Belongs To

If you’re a bit of an internet snooper, you may be wondering how to find who an IP belongs to. There are lots of reasons to want to know this information. If you can track visitors by their IP address on your blog or website, an IP look-up service will let you know exactly who your visitors are and where they’re coming from. There are many websites that can perform this task, but the steps below are the easiest and most effective.

  1. If you haven’t already, figure out the IP address. Before you can learn how to find out who an IP address belongs to, you have to actually have the address. An easy way to find out the IP address of the computer you’re currently using is to use an online tool like the one below. The IP address should be in the form of nine numbers separated by periods.
  2. Next, find an online tool that can tell you about the IP address. If you’re looking to know how to find who an IP address belongs to, there are tools available online, like the one below, that can help. In addition to providing a bunch of info about IP addresses, they can also identify info by domain name and locate available domain names for purchase.
  3. Enter the IP address into the tool. Double check the IP address for accuracy after entering it in the box. One wrong number will give you all the wrong info.
  4. Check out the info. The wealth of information given to you by your tool will let you see who the IP address belongs to. While the tools may vary, the one below will give the name and address of the organization that controls the IP address at the beginning of the record. If you scroll down, you should be able to find the label “CustName.” This will tell you the specific name and address of the customer who is using that address (which is probably the person you’re looking for).

Congratulations, you now know how to find who an IP address belongs to! Pretty soon, you’ll be a genuine internet creeper and be able to find out way more about people than they ever thought possible. Go for it!


What Is My IP Address

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