How To Find Wholesale Purses In New York City

Many people love to accessorize, so everyone wants to know how to find wholesale purses in New York City. It may seem like a well-kept secret, but wholesale purses can be found, including replicas. Wholesale purses come in a variety of colors, sizes and fabrics, so it's important to keep those NYC peepers open to finding the perfect purse. There a few neighborhoods that have a great deal of wholesale purses. Take an afternoon and set your sights on finding a wholesale purse. When shopping on streets rather than in stores, always keep cash on hand, as some vendors don't take payment in other forms.

  1. Visit Broadway between 20th and 30th Streets. Broadway is wonderful: it's filled with everything a shopper's heart could desire, especially wholesale purses, knock offs, high-end purses, sale purses and stolen purses. Visit this area early in the day to get the newest purses before the tourists and shoppers ravage the selection.
  2. Visit the area near Canal and Orchard Streets. This downtown area is filled with purses of every kind. Most days it is extremely busy and crowded, but there are dozens of shops that sell purses for competitive prices. Don't be afraid to talk down the prices with the street vendors. If they offer a purse for $40, ask for $30. Maybe they'll sell it for $35. In any case, moving on to the next vendor may be better luck.
  3. Bryant Park and Union Square Park. These two places are filled with wholesale goodies, especially during the summer when vendors set up tents and tables offering plenty of purses.
  4. Visit the Butterfly Shop. The Butterfly shop exists in Jackson Heights in New York, specializing in very inexpensive wholesale purses.
  5. Take a stroll around Hell's Kitchen. While there are plenty of vendors selling strange oddities, there are some wholesale purse vendors set up, especially during the summer time.
  6. Get to Fulton Street. Fulton Street, near the World Trade Center, is lined with wholesale sellers looking to sell their purses for cheap.
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