How To Find Wide Basketball Shoes

Learn how to find wide basketball shoes so that you can save your time and money. Basketball shoes give your ankles the support they need for all the jumping and running required in basketball, so they are definitely a necessity if you want to play the sport seriously. Basketball shoes come in many different brands, and each brand has its own line of wide basketball shoes.

  1. To find wide basketball shoes, you should start by visiting different athletic stores like Sports Authority or Dick’s Sporting Goods. Almost all sporting goods stores will carry basketball shoes, and most will also carry some of their more popular shoes in wide sizes as well. Make sure you shop around so that you can find your wide basketball shoes at the best price.
  2. If you want to find wide basketball shoes, try searching online at any shoe department for your brand of choice. Most online stores will carry their shoes in many different custom fits and styles, and if they do not then you can always email them to ask if they would consider doing so for your foot. It never hurts to ask someone for help in these situations, and you would be surprised how often stores will be willing to make a shoe that fits your foot for only a little extra fee.
  3. Ask employees for help finding wide basketball shoes. Some stores will have them but may not have them being openly promoted. You should ask an employee to help you or give you advice on where to look for wide basketball shoes. Most people will be willing to help and their advice can save you a lot of time and effort finding a pair of shoes.
  4. Once you find a good pair of wide basketball shoes, try to stick to purchasing that same brand and if possible that same pair of shoes. This way you will have consistently good fitting basketball shoes that you know get the job done. This will make your life much less stressful the next time you have to buy a pair of wide fitting basketball shoes.
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