How To Find Wild Blueberries in New Jersey

Many wild blueberry fields in New Jersey have been destroyed by developers which may leave you wondering just how to find wild blueberries in New Jersey.  In order to find fresh, wild blueberries you will need to locate a "U Pick" farm. These farms grow an array of wild blueberries and allows the public to come and pick them. This method is a lot safer and easier than trying to locate a blueberry bush elsewhere. This article will guide you in finding a U-Pick farm and selecting the best wild blueberries in New Jersey.

  1. Find a U-Pick farm. You can search for available farms online that grow wild blueberries in New Jersey or use the New Jersey Farm Bureau. The Farm Bureau  will provide you with a comprehensive list of local public picking farms as well as every fruit and vegetable produced by that farm. Select a farm that mainly produces blueberries. This is where you'll find the best wild blueberries and a larger variety.
  2.  Check the farms schedule and policies. Before going to pick blueberries be sure that you know when the U-Pick farm will be open to the public.  In New Jersey, berry season is generally from June-October with the blueberries peaking in July and August. Familiarize yourself with the farms policies on picking. Most require that you bring your own picking bags but others prefer that you only use their picking bags. Remember, blueberries bruise easily so you want to take smaller containers instead of piling a lot of blueberries in one bag or container.
  3. Choose the best wild blueberry.  Select from healthy, full bushes that are in direct sunlight.  Ripe blueberries are plump with a deep pale blue color. Once blueberries are picked they do not ripen so avoid choosing wild blueberries that are still white or green. Also avoid choosing blueberries that are the closest to the walking path.
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