How To Find Women To Date On Facebook

Knowing how to find women on Facebook is equivalent to a man strolling through a candy store. There are so many different flavors, but they're only satisfying if you come across that which suits your specific taste. Facebook has millions of women registered, so it is becoming an attractive tool for men to meet women. What better way to meet women you'd never encounter otherwise? Learning the skills to successfully meet women on Facebook will set you well on your way to becoming a Facebook dating guru.

  1. Create an attractive profile on Facebook. To begin your search for dating women on Facebook you must first create a profile that women will find interesting. It must stand out from your normal run of the mill profiles. Be sure to list your most interesting hobbies in order, so she can capture you in a nutshell. Be sure that your profile picture portrays you in a light you want to be seen. First impressions are everything. Often times your profile picture is the deciding factor in whether she will respond to your interest or not.
  2. Compile a search for women. Take the time to build your friends list. Once you have done so, search their friends list and add friends from there. Between the two you should come up with a list of women on Facebook that spark your interest. You could also compile a search in the search tool bar to find women that meet your specific needs.
  3. Send your initial introduction e-mail. The initial email is crucial. Your first email conversation makes or breaks you. Be creative in what you say. Nine times out of ten these women are getting several emails in their inbox daily. You have to stand out. Stay clear of overly personal questions in the beginning. You don't want to appear as desperate or too inquiring, The key is to get her attention by allowing her to see you are different from the rest. Stroke her curiosity to the point that she has to respond.
  4. Connection. Allow her to see that you two have a connection. Whether it be music, food, hobbies or whatever, drawing similarities between the two of you speaks volumes. Women must feel connected in order to proceed in opening themselves up to you.
  5. Commitment. Once you have established you have her interest and the two of you have developed a relationship online, it is then time to exchange numbers and possibly meet in person. Be cautious when deciding to advance forward to meeting in person. Do so at a time that is comfortable for the two of you. When deciding to meet your Facebook date for the first time, meet in a place that is very public and puts the two of you at ease.
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