How To Find Women That Like To Watch Men Masturbate

Knowing how to find women that like to watch men masturbate can seem like hitting the lottery for some men. The voyeur experience from the "victim's" side is often exciting and fulfilling to those participating in the event. While some may find the fetish "wrong" or "strange," sharing a sexual experience is a natural need for everyone—the way we choose to share that experience is the only difference. For men who enjoy experimenting with self-pleasure, having a woman watch them is often an adventure or goal they wish to achieve. Use this strategy to reach that point and have some safe sex fun.

  1. Join a website. The first thing to do when attempting to find women who like to watch men masturbate is to join a website that caters to fetishes. There are multiple sites offering to match up people with similar fetishes and sexual needs. These sites may cost some money to join, so read the fine print before signing up.
  2. Put it out there. Let everyone know you're are looking to find women who like to watch men masturbate on the website of your choice. Place it in your bio section and even go as far as to make it your headline or status. 
  3. Make friends. Once you join a site, make as many friends as possible who reside in your region or city. While they might not share your fetish, the networking will lead to introductions of others who do.
  4. Attend Jack and Jill parties. Seek out Jack and Jill parties. These parties are a great place to find women who like to watch men masturbate as it is the intention of the event. At the party, women will be typically sitting in rooms, casually watching as men pleasure themselves. Some women will also be masturbating during the party. Take every available opportunity to introduce yourself to these women and indulge in your fetish fantasy in their presence.
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