How To Find Women Who Want Sex

As any straight guy will tell you, they spend the majority of their day thinking of how to find women who want sex. Even guys in marriages or relationships are trying to figure out how to get sex from their significant others. Single guys have it even worse, as they are surrounded by the female species and walking up to chicks and asking, “Wanna screw?” just doesn't cut it. If you've found yourself in this situation, read on for some helpful tips on getting laid.

  1. Look around. Yeah, it's that simple. Really, the deal is that most women want sex just as much as men, but they have been told that they aren't supposed to act like it, so you really have to keep your eyes open. You can find women who want sex everywhere, but you need to be aware. Read body language, vocal cues, and take note of whether she's playing hard to get or whether she's really down to it. Also, stay away from attached women. As mentioned, almost all women want sex as much as you do, so this means that you may run into a situation where you meet an attached woman. Three words; Don't. Do. It. Unless you really want drama in your life, stay away.
  2. Be confident, but not cocky. Chicks dig confidence in a man, however they don't like cocky, arrogant assholes. Don't be that guy. Suggesting going back to your place within the first five minutes of a conversation isn't going to work unless you're dealing with a skeezy skank. Again, don't be that guy. Also, don't act desperate; women hate that. Make her think you could have any woman you want and that if she turns you down, you'll just move on. Again, don't be arrogant and cocky. Be confident.
  3. Hang out where they hang out. Most single, unattached women looking for sex are going to be at bars and clubs. You already know that. But, try the mall, the grocery store and the library. The advantage these places all have is that you won't be looked at as if you're trying to get in her pants (at first.) In a bar, chicks know you're trying to take them home; you've lost the element of surprise. In a library, chatting up a hottie could lead to you both reading the Karma Sutra by the end of the night.
  4. Use the internet (carefully.) Ok, if you really want to find women who want to have sex, the internet is your best bet. Why? Because you can make her believe you don't actually live in your parents basement, and she can make you believe she's actually under 200 pounds. When you both meet for sex…well, just close your eyes and pretend she's hot (she'll be doing the same to you.) But beware, the internet is full of insane people who may not seem insane at first. Plus, with the multitude of diseases out there, always bag it up. Actually, if you're meeting someone off the internet, double bag it.
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