How To Find A Yacht Crew

Do you need to learn how to find a yacht crew? Finding a yacht crew can be a serious task. Good help is often hard to come by, and people who form such a crew have certain expectations that they should be able to match. Following are some steps to consider when learning how to find a yacht crew.

  1. Talk to your contacts. If you know other yachters, or people in the yachting business, ask around and see if anyone has come to them to look for a job on board. Also see if anyone who a friend can vouch for is available, and looking to be part of a crew.
  2. If you cannot find people using this method, you may have to ask around at yachting companies, or even rely on the manufacturer of the yacht to find a crew. Ask how one would go about assembling a crew, and if candidates come forward, see how much they know before making any final decisions about who will take a job on board. Also consider asking around at fishing marinas, to see if any boats had mates that are looking for jobs, as many of them know how to perform basic nautical tasks.
  3. Also try hitting up craigslist or the paper. This will be easier in coastal areas, but in some cases, people will be willing to travel to get the right position on a boat.
  4. Finally, make sure that each crew member can perform the tasks efficiently, and make sure that each can handle being on the yacht. Potential employees prone to seasickness do not make exceptional candidates for boating jobs. Look for past experience, and make sure people can do their duties. If some candidates seem qualified, but need to be trained, it can be worth it to provide training.

When looking to find crew members for a yacht, look around and ask around. When you have found candidates, be sure that everyone considered is reliable, hardworking, and able to do his or her tasks well.

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