How To Find The Year Of A Evinrude Boat Motor

Need to know how to find the year of an Evinrude boat motor? It's really not difficult to find the year of an Evinrude boat motor if you know where to look. If you are buying a boat, you're going to want to confirm what the seller is telling you regarding the motor, one of the most expensive parts of the boat. Knowing where to look and how to unlock the coding on an Evinrude boat motor is key to securing your boat purchase.

  1. Find the serial number and model number on the nameplate on the Evinrude boat motor. You should easily be able to find the information either on a small metal plaque located directly on the motor or on the mounting plate of the boat motor. Note the numbers down when you find them. They will probably look something like the this: V E 70 T L ED A.
  2. Look online for the code to unlocking the model number. Head over to to get the codes for Evinrude boat motors. The website has very complete information for Evinrude motors from 1980 to more recent; however, older motors did not have consistent coding patterns to the serial and model numbers, so it's a bit more difficult to decode older numbers.
  3. If your boat motor is a 1980 model or more recent, find the codes for the model and serial number. Evinrude used a system for coding the year on each motor after 1980. In the above example (V E 70 T L ED A), the "ED" portion is the year. Each letter corresponds to a number so, by checking online, you will find that an "E" is the number "9" and the "D" represents the number "6." Therefore, this motor was built in 1996.


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