How To Find Your Condom Size

With the dozens of choices at your local store, you may need help to know how to find your condom size.  Correct condom size is important for comfort and safety.  Fitting the condom correctly will aid in prevention of the spread sexually transmitted disease and pregnancy.

  1.  Don't let your ego choose how to find your condom size.  Be realistic about your size.  Average condoms unroll to a length of 180 mm to 205 mm and should fit most men.  According to Kinsey Institute the average penis size is 5 to 7 inches.  If you are within that range buy a regular size condom.  Regular size condoms will not have the size listed, only other characteristics such as ribbed, thin, and spermicide included.  If you are larger than 7 inches you should buy size large condoms.  To find your condom size if you are large, look for boxes marked large, XL, or that list the length as over 205 mm.
  2. Know the shape of your penis, particularly the head.   Some men have a larger head than others.  Larger heads require more room at the tip for proper fitting.  If the diameter of the head of your penis is significantly larger than the body, choose a condom that has more head room.  These condoms are usually called flared or pleasure tipped.
  3. Take your time in the condom isle.  Spend time in the condom isle at the store to find your condom size.  Read the fronts and backs of the boxes.  The size information is not always easy to find.  Condom boxes have a lot of advertising on the cover, so turn the box, take the time to review the fine print to find your condom size.  You should only have to take time once to find the proper condom for you.



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