How To Finger Bang

Knowing how to finger bang is a surefire way to diversify your sexual repertoire. Though your tongue and cheese missile will get most of the credit during the course of a sexual relationship, the fingers are the true ice breakers and sexual discoverers, going boldly where your mouth and diznack have yet to tread.

  1. Don’t take the phrase literally. Step one in knowing how to finger bang is understanding that the phrase isn’t meant to be taken literally. Don’t use your digits like jack hammers in some sadistic attempt to bash a vagina into submission. Finesse a woman with your fingers. Use them subtlety to explore, and remember that finger hammering would be like a woman grabbing your pork sword mighty tight and slamming it up and down in lieu of a hand job. Work your fingers slowly, and gently in and out. Leave them in and explore. Use multiple fingers, stimulating the clitoris and vagina simultaneously. 
  2. Think like a social worker. Step two in knowing to finger bang is to approach bringing a woman to orgasm with your hands much like a social worker approaches each new case; sensitively, and with an open mind. You may feel you know exactly where the g spot is, and how best to work a vulva to make a woman come, but you’ll find very quickly that, much like the varying length of meat curtains, each woman’s fish taco responds differently to stimulation.
  3. Diversify your bonds. Step three in knowing how to finger bang is diversifying your game. Finger banging isn’t the simple act of getting your sandwich clamps in a woman’s quim and wiggling it around. While in polite company you won’t get many women to admit to this, most of them aren’t averse to anal exploration in the heat of the moment. Just make sure you don’t go ass to vag with the same finger. Rookie mistake.
  4. Pay attention to the buildup. Step four to knowing how to finger bang is working up to it. Before you even get to sticking your fingers in slits slots and stinkers, you’ll need to get a woman comfortable, immersed, and horny enough to be both properly lubricated and stimulated by the idea of your nail-bitten fingers juicing her whim wham. Start with slow, romantic kissing. Play with her breasts. Use your tongue on her nipples. Get her down to her underwear, but don’t take them off so quickly. If you build up enough anticipation in a safe environment, you won’t be the cretin trying to enter her, you’ll be the man she can’t resist.
  5. Use your communication skills. Step five in knowing how to finger bang is communicating properly with your partner. Even if it seems unromantic, or if you’re nervous on account of your limited vocabulary, well, suck it up and communicate. Make sure you’re not over stepping your bounds and that what you’re doing is to the liking of your partner. This type of respect and understanding will turn a woman on as much as your finger banging prowess, and will help make the experience more pleasurable for both of you.  
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