How To Finger A Girl For The First Time

Figuring out how to finger a girl for the first time requires a lot of patience. You also need to be able to pay attention in order to finger a girl well. Rushing into this situation will leave your ego bruised, and more importantly, may even physically hurt her. So, forget all the crap you've seen in porn. Most of the techniques seen for fingering a girl are a load of garbage. Erase any and every misconception out of your mind. You're about to learn something today. Here's how to finger a girl for the first time.

  1. You have to get her ready. You can't just go jamming your fingers inside of her. It wouldn't be pleasant at all. You'd just end up hurting her. And, you'll pretty much guarantee that she wont give you a second chance for a while. So, you need to avoid any "man" made set backs. The first step to fingering a girl is to get her nice and wet first. In order to get her wet, you have to get her turned on. Now the experienced man knows that their are a variety of methods to get her dripping. So, figure it out and get her going. Here's a hint. Women love illustrative words. They also have a multitude of erogenous zones you can fool with. Then, there's her clitoris. A little moist tongue action can go a long way. Just makes sure she's good and wet before you try anything else.
  2. The insertion. It's still not safe for you to jam your fingers in there. She may be wet, but your fingers aren't. Use your spit. Use her natural lubricant. Do what you need to do to get your fingers nice and moist. When your finger is nice and wet, tease her clitoris with it. Rub around the outer vaginal opening. Some women can be sensitive there as well. Slide your finger into her opening slowly(just one. Don't do any of that multiple finger porn crap.).  Now the positioning of your hand is very important. If she's lying on her back, your palm should be facing upward. Anyway, begin to slowly move your finger in and out of her. Pay attention to her to make sure she enjoys it. Vary the speeds. Let her moans and her body reactions be the indicator for what you should do. Congratulations! You've successfully fingered a girl for the first time. Once you've gotten this down, you can graduate to more intense moves.
  3. Look like a genius. There is a cluster of nerves on the roof of her vaginal opening maybe two to three inches deep. Press your finger to the roof. You cant miss them. You've just found what some people like to refer to as the "G Spot". Oh yeah! Now you can find out why your hand is positioned the way it is. Use your finger to stroke that area by lightly curling and uncurling your finger. She'll go nuts, bananas, bonkers. She wont think this is your first time fingering a girl.
  4. Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen. Get your tongue into the game. While you're servicing her vagina with your skillful finger action, get down there and lick  and massage her clitoris with your tongue. It's the best two man team to ever play the game.
  5. Creativity. Once you get used to twisting her up properly, you can start creating your own techniques based on what she likes. This is where the real fun comes in. Have at it sport.
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