How To Finger Vagina

Learning how to finger a vagina can help improve your sexual repertoire. With the right type of stimulation, you can help your partner reach orgasm just by using your fingers and hands. It’s also a great activity to do when you’re not in the right place or don’t have time to strip off all your clothes.

To complete this task, you may need:

  • Lubricant
  1. Know what she likes. All women are different and have different sensitive areas on their genital regions. Some women enjoy full finger penetration, while others would prefer you stay near the outer edge of the vagina, which is usually more sensitive. Clitoral stimulation is key for most women while fingering, but some women don’t like having their clitoris touched directly. If you know what your partner likes, it will be much easier to finger her vagina.
  2. Start slow. Don’t jump in full force. Remember, you have to arouse her first. Talk dirty, touch her breasts, rub her thighs, kiss her passionately – whatever your partner needs to get aroused, that’s what you should be doing before you finger her vagina.
  3. Touch her softly. Once she’s aroused, you can check to see if she’s wet. Rub her vaginal lips softly, starting at the base of the vaginal canal. You’ll feel the moisture and know that you can go in deeper. But continue this motion for a few more strokes to get her more aroused. Don’t touch the clitoris just yet.
  4. Insert your fingers slowly. When she’s plenty wet, you can use one hand to insert one, two or three fingers – whatever she likes – into her vaginal canal. Remember, some women prefer that you stay at the base. Also, if you rub the same area for too long, it may become numb so vary your movement.
  5. Find the g-spot. Many women prefer to be fingered using the g-spot. When you insert your fingers into the vaginal canal, push them upward toward her stomach. You may be able to feel a small area that has a different texture than the rest of the vaginal canal, much like the roof of your mouth. That’s the g-spot. Short fingers may not be able to reach it, and you won’t be able to find it in all women. If you find the g-spot, push on it with full thrusts, as you would your penis during intercourse, stimulating it with fast, even motions.
  6. Incorporate the clitoris. For the majority of women, clitoral stimulation is the key to climaxing. Either by itself or while placing your fingers inside the vagina, rub softly all around her clitoris, which is located just inside the vaginal lips near the top of her genitals. Don’t forget to borrow some lubrication from her vaginal canal. Never rub a dry clitoris or clitoral region. Once she gets really revved up, you can touch the clitoris directly and quicken the pace. You should also be varying the motion, such as flicking back and forth or rubbing in circular motions. When she’s close to reaching orgasm, touch the clitoris directly and move fast. Keep moving faster and faster until she climaxes.
  7. Use lubrication. If your partner is mentally aroused but doesn’t produce a lot of her own lubrication, you can still finger her vagina and genital area using lubrication. You should not be touching a dry vagina because this will likely be uncomfortable or even painful for her. Put the lubrication on your fingers and then start the fingering process.

During a women’s monthly cycle, she will produce different amounts and consistencies of lubrication. Other factors, such as medication side-effects or menopausal symptoms, can inhibit a women from producing her own lubrication. Don’t necessarily take this as an indicator of her arousal and desire. Open and honest communication about how she feels, along with the use of a water-based lubricant, will make fingering her vagina more pleasurable for you both.


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