How To Fish For Barracuda On A Sportfishing Boat

Learning how to fish for barracuda on a sportfishing boat is certainly a fun process. Barracuda are some of the toothiest creatures in the water, and among the fastest as well. Barracuda are found in tropical waters worldwide, usually inshore but sometimes offshore around structures and wrecks.

To fish for barracuda on a sportfishing boat, you will need:

  • A sportfishing boat
  • A fishing rod and reel with a ten-pound test line
  • Bite wire
  • Spoon lures, barracuda tubes and other baits
  • Pliers
  1. The key for fishing inshore waters for barracuda is finding them. Once found, cast close to the fish (but not too close, as they can frighten easily) and reel the lure back quickly. Throughout the Caribbean, these fish are often visible in backcountry areas and flats, or around reefs. Sight casting is the way to go in the shallows, but trolling spoons around reefs is often most successful in the near shore areas. So, find fish or the habitat that they prefer, and cast to them or troll for them.
  2. If the boat has access to offshore waters, head out. Fishing for barracuda offshore is a different story. For this type of fishing, boats must position themselves beside wrecks, reefs or artificial reefs and drop baits down. Using live bait on rigs is the best way to go, although jigging with spoons that are dropped down to the bottom also works. This type of fishing can also be great for snapper and grouper, which are found alongside barracuda around offshore structures. Heavier lines are required for this type of fishing, because when fishing around structures, hooked fish will always head for anything that can cut or wrap the line, and stronger fish, like snapper and grouper, are very successful at this.
  3. Once a fish is caught, net it, and always use pliers or some hook-removal device when unhooking it. Never attempt to use fingers to unhook a barracuda, which is equipped with plenty of sharp teeth. Then, release the fish.

Barracuda are some of the quickest fish that are found inshore. They feed on smaller fish, squid, shrimp and crabs, and anglers who put anything in front of them that they are willing to eat (and, if fishing the shallows, who reel fast enough), will be rewarded.

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